• 2D Cameras

    2D Cameras

    CMOS area scan cameras for standard applications in machine vision and optical metrology.
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  • 3D Cameras

    3D Cameras

    High speed 3D cameras with internal sub-pixel calculation of the laser line position for laser triangulation setups.
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  • HighSpeed Cameras

    HighSpeed Cameras

    High speed cameras with global shutter CMOS image sensors.
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  • HSI Cameras

    HSI Cameras

    High speed CMOS cameras for hyperspectral imaging.
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  • LowLight Cameras

    LowLight Cameras

    CMOS area scan cameras for ultra-low light applications.
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  • Smart Cameras

    Smart Cameras

    Smart cameras combine both camera and a processor to a freely programmable vision system. And this completely without limitations from proprietary vision sensor softwares!
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  • SWIR Cameras

    SWIR Cameras

    CMOS sensors or InGaAs image sensors (SWIR) with CMOS read out for demanding applications and customer solutions which need high-performance.
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