LUX1310, 2/3″, 1280 x 1024, 85fps (948fps in burst mode), GigE



The CMOS camera MV1-D1280-L01-1280-G2 was developed for advanced machine vision applications, motion analysis and demanding applications of optical metrology. The LUXIMA LUX1310 CMOS image sensor is optimized for high speed applications and is combined in this camera with an advanced feature set to reduce the amount of data inside the camera.

For motion analysis applications the image data could be stored in a 2Gbit burst memory. For a resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels a 250ms long sequence could be recorded with a frame rate of 1000fps. With the same frame rate and a reduced resolution of 512 x 512 pixels 1s could be grabbed to the internal memory.


  • High Speed Burst Mode with internal 2Gbit RAM
  • Linear Mode / multiple slope (High Dynamic Range Mode)
  • Configurable region of interest (ROI), up to 8 MROI
  • 256 configurable region elements with binning options
  • Two crosshair overlays for measurements and adjustments
  • Temperature monitoring of camera
  • Low trigger delay and low trigger jitter
  • Extended trigger input and strobe output functionality
  • Isolated inputs (2 single ended, 2 differential) and outputs (2 single ended)
  • A/B shaft encoder interface (RS-422 (G2 models) or HTL (H2 models))
Sensor:LUXIMA, LUX1310
Frame rate:85fps (948fps in burst mode)
Optical format:2/3″
Sensor Resolution:1280 x 1024
Pixel size:6.6μm x 6.6μm
I/O Input:2x Opto-isolated
2x RS-422 or HTL Opto-isolated for AB-Trigger
I/O Output:2x Opto-isolated
Dimensions:55 x 55 x 51mm³

Summarizing, SOLPI can provide the following elements for High Speed 2D Vision:

  • Vision components, such as cameras and lenses.
  • Mechanical components, such as conveyor belt and structure to assemble all the vision components.
  • Software to proceed all data adquired.
  • Consultancy services and trainings.

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