Domino Series

Frame Grabbers for Non-Standard Analog Cameras

Domino Series


  • PCI/PCIe frame grabbers for non-standard analog cameras
  • High-accuracy, 10-bit, 40 or 65 MHz A/D converters
  • D³ technology for extremely low synchronization jitter
  • Support for mega-pixel progressive-scan and interlaced cameras, asynchronous reset and exposure control
  • Trigger, strobe and general purpose I/O lines



Model:FormatEffective (sustained) delivery bandwidth
Domino MelodyLow profile, half-length, 32-bit Conventional PCI card90 MB/s (Host PC motherboard dependent)
Domino HarmonyStandard profile, half-length, 64-bit Conventional PCI card240 MB/s (Host PC motherboard dependent)
Domino Symphony PCIeStandard profile, half length, 1-lane PCI Express card180 MB/s (Host PC motherboard dependent)

Summarizing, SOLPI can provide the previous elements to help you  working with Non-standard Analog cameras for  machine vision: