Industrial line light compact and robust with a high IP rating which incorporates standard T-slot mounting.



CVR Lighting have developed this power full LED illumination, for line and web scan applications, with a choice passive cooled, active (fan) cooled and water cooled LED line light. The TENSOR line light is a compact, robust, industrial line light with a high IP rating which incorporates standard T-slot mounting for easy integration in your vision systems. Our standard product features integrated optical elements which meet the needs for both front lighting and back lighting applications for the inspection of diffuse and highly specular materials. Our modular design (100mm increments) addresses line lengths up to 5m. The optical light output can be controlled via a RS 485 serial line allowing control of 50 mm sections. This fine control allows profiles to be set and provides communication about temperature and run time between the light and the system. Additionally there is an integrated current control driver via a 0 – 10V dimming signal.


  • High Speed Linescan
  • Web Inspection
  • Print Inspection
  • Surface Inspection
  • Plastic Film Inspection
  • Metal Inspection


  • Over 1 million Lux
  • Excellent uniformity 1.5%
  • High brightness LED Light sources
  • Available in lengths up to 5m
  • IP54 & IP65
  • Visible and IR as standard
  • Custom wavelengths
  • Intensity control (RS 485 or 0-10v)
  • Thermal cutout protection
  • Multiple diffuser options
  • 3 Cooling options in one
  • Envelope
  • Field changeable protective window
  • Dry air inlet & outlet vents for humid operating conditions
  • Compatible for harsh environments

Product codes

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7
Product FamilyCooling OptionVersionWavelengthOptical ConfigurationAperture LengthConnector
TensorPC (Passive)
AC (Fan)
LC (Water)
625 nm
470 nm
850 nm
Defined in cmStandard Lemo Connecto


Summarizing, SOLPI can provide the previous elements for illumination: