HP Series

High Performance (HP) Design

HP Series

HP Series

TECHSPEC® HP Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are designed for the harsh demands of factory automation and inspection applications. Our 2/3” lenses are perfect for use on high end sensors that require 145 lp/mm resolution. For larger sensors, the 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 35mm lenses are compatible with up to 1” sensor formats, while the 50mm lens is compatible with up to 4/3” sensor formats. All HP Series lenses feature locking focus and iris rings with recessed set screws to prevent unwanted adjustments, and a front filter thread for integrating standard optical filters for increased versatility. Having been designed with the highest level of machine vision performance in mind, these lenses offer an attractive price-to-performance ratio and are available in multiple focal lengths and sensor sizes.

  • High Performance (HP) Design
  • Up to 9 MegaPixel Resolution Across the Field
  • Ruggedized Housing Ideal for Factory Automation



ModelFocal length (mm)Sensor sizeResolutionPrice
68-2158.52/3″9 Mp695 €
86-570121.1″1.5 Mp795 €
63-779122/3″9 Mp795 €
63-777122/3″9 Mp795 €
63-778122/3″9 Mp795 €
86-571161″1.5 Mp795 €
85-865162/3″9 Mp795 €
85-866162/3″9 Mp795 €
86-572251″1.5 Mp595 €
63-780252/3″9 Mp795 €
63-781252/3″9 Mp795 €
63-782252/3″9 Mp795 €
86-573351.1″1.5 Mp595 €
85-868352/3″9 Mp795 €
85-869352/3″9 Mp795 €
86-574504/3″1.5 Mp695 €

Summarizing, SOLPI can provide the following elements for machine vision applications:

  • Accesoriess for lenses like filters, ring extensions and mounts adapters.
  • Support on lenses selection.