TC Series

5 to 21 Mp Telecentric series

TC Series

TC Series

  • Produces high contrast and resolution in both the center and corners.
  • Virtually no TV distortion of entire image area.



ModelFocal MagnificationSensor sizeResolution
LM1119TC0.5~1.0×4/3″ 21 Mp
LM1138TC2.0x4/3″ 21 Mp
LM1120TC3.45~4.4×2/3″ 5 Mp
LM1121TC1.725~2.2×2/3″ 5 Mp
LM1122TC1.15~1.47×2/3″ 5 Mp
LM1123TC0.69~0.88×2/3″ 5 Mp
LM1125TC0.346~0.44×2/3″ 5 Mp
LM50TC0.3~1.0×2/3″ 5 Mp

Summarizing, SOLPI can provide the following elements for machine vision applications:

  • Accesoriess for lenses like filters, ring extensions and mounts adapters.
  • Support on lenses selection.