Open eVision Libraries

Image Analysis Libraries and Software Tools

Open eVision Libraries


  • Hardware-independant libraries. Compatible with any image source, including frame grabbers, GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras
  • 64-bit libraries for C++ and .NET and 32-bit libraries for C++, .NET or ActiveX development
  • Accurate: sub-pixel measurement and calibration
  • Compatible with Windows’ x86 processor architecture and a large variety of programming languages and development environments
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Robust, flexible and powerful



EasyImageImage processing
 EasyGaugeSub-pixel measurement & dimension control
 EasyMatchPattern matching
 EasyObjectBlob analysis
 EasyColorColor image analysis
 EasyFindGeometric pattern matching
 EasyOCR 2 Industrial optical character recognition
 EasyOCROptical character recognition
 EasyBarCodeBar code reading
 EasyMatrixCode2D Data matrix reading
 EasyQRCodeQR code reading
 EasyOCVOptical character verification
 Inspection BundleBundle of open eVision inspection libraries
 ID BundleBundle of open eVision identification libraries
 Full BundleBundle of all eVision libraries

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